About Us

Alpha Tactical came to life in 2017 based on the need to provide the community with trauma supplies that are proven to work during a time of crisis. These crisis incidents include; Active Shooter/Hostile Events, Motor Vehicle Crashes, Industrial and Workplace Accidents and more. Data has shown that your chance of survival from a traumatic injury greatly increases the sooner care is started. The average EMS response time nationwide is 7 to 14 minutes*. In that time a person can easily bleed out from an arterial injury. You can easily find trauma supplies online but do you really know what you are buying? Through our teams experiences in Law Enforcement, EMS, Trauma Nursing and Tactical Medicine we have tested hundreds if not thousands of items and we will only sell the products we are confident in and all carry around daily. Do not be fooled by social media adds that will try and sell you the cheapest product. There is a reason it is the cheapest product and that is because it will not work like quality trauma supplies will. 

It is one thing to buy a trauma kit, but are have you learned what to do with it and have you trained with it? We live by the motto LEARN. TRAIN. ACT. LEARN the necessary information so you can properly TRAIN on it and with good training you will be prepared to ACT in a time of need. We offer training in Ohio and surrounding states and if you need reputable training outside of our area reach out to us and we will get you in touch with someone in your area that can provide proper training. 


*Mell HK, Mumma SN, Hiestand B, Carr BG, Holland T, Stopyra J. Emergency Medical Services Response Times in Rural, Suburban, and Urban Areas. JAMA Surg. 2017;152(10):983–984. doi:10.1001/jamasurg.2017.2230